you all already know i have a basket of birkenstocks by my back door, well, i have another basket too- one full of all stars! converse all stars tennis shoes are my favorite- white ones, navy ones, olive ones, ivory ones, royal blue ones, i even have orange ones!

converse all stars go anywhere anytime, i slip them on almost every time i head out the back door- all stars all the time!

New News! Coming soon you will be able to buy not only all stars, but many of my favorite things from the new M.D.S. Store right here on the blog- Women’s, Men’s, Home and Books! chic shopping coming soon!

p.s. sorry there weren’t any good pictures of boys in all stars, but obviously all stars are for everyone!

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  1. I love this blog, but just a question: Are this girls all models, or you just like to post photos with very slim women here? I mean, ok, maybe this are the looks you liked the most, but are they not girls that look “different” than these here? Wearing this type of shoe?

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