SO BEAUTIFUL- Part 2- Tom Scheerer

last week i did a post on a project by interior designer Tom Scheerer in the most recent issue of House Beautiful, appropriately titled “So Beautiful” because it was and most certainly has been one of my favorite interior design projects published of late. Of course i promptly went to tom’s website and devoured more of his projects in the city, in the country and at the beach- what i found was more beauty!

Tom has been doing this a long time. his earlier work was more neutral and modern- lots of clean lines, chocolate brown walls, billy baldwin chairs, abstract art and canopy beds. i have about every past shelter magazine known to man and many of these projects took me back, i loved them then and i still love them now.

Tom’s more recent work is a bit more colorful and layered. lots of printed fabrics that anchor rooms- he loves quadrille and china seas fabrics, who doesn’t right ?! i love the beach vibe that is interjected into his projects, all the wicker, the apple matting rugs, the fun wallpapers, and i’m a fan of the birds prints.

old or new, neutral or colorful- all of it is so beautiful! enjoy part 2!

tom’s new book, tom scheerer decorates, is coming out in a few weeks. i just got a copy- all i can say is it’s beautiful!








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  1. he is just so brilliant. designed one of my very favorite destinations in this world–the lyford cay club in nassau. it’s simply magical!

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