BEACH BABE- Alain Delon

i can’t believe i live in L.A. and i haven’t been to the beach once this year. i take that back i did take a stroll on the beach in santa barbara a few weeks ago. when i think of the beach, of course i think of beach babes and beach boys.

when i think about beach boys, i think about french actor alain delon. i love all those pictures of him rolling around the beach with romy schneider or taking a stroll on the arm of brigitte bardot– he has been called the male brigitte bardot for good reason.

i love all these images of alain on and off the beach. love the white jeans, linen shirts, espadrilles, straw hats, terry robes, i especially love the picture of him near the end in his speedo and a pea coat- somehow, that feels very chic!

alain delon- the ultimate beach boy, some might even say a beach babe! enjoy!

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  1. gorgeous man, even today when he’s all gray and white. but isn’t the picture with brigitte bardot her ex-husband jacques charrier? he and alain delon looked very similar in their youth, and alain has been in movies with her so i could see the mix-up.

  2. Pretty, pretty people. Love this ….now get thee to the beach. At least at sunset. Really pretty now August nights. Wishing you time to stroll the shoreline.

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