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Carolyn Murphy in chambray and white denim- summer easy!

Actress Lily Collins in a LBD- love her hair!

Model Erin Heatherton in all white


Rebecca Hall in Céline- can’t believe i’m saying this, but i don’t love the boots!

Gwen Stefani in a simple navy tank and denim- had to give it to her, love the all-stars!

Brie Larson in a LBD, love the white accessories!

Model Hilary Rhoda in Pale blue and capri sandals- so pretty!

Rosie in a Black silk jump suit- chic for summer!

Chloe Sevigny in all denim- love the lace up sandals and skull cap!

Aerin Lauder in a yellow michael kors dress- Summer pretty!

Kate the great is stripes- love the goyard tote and the k.jacques of course!

‘week of chic’ best dressed, jenna lyons in a Balenciaga dress- summer easy and pretty!




  1. Love your selections. Gwen stefani Looks so great in her casual outfit. Hilary Rhoda looks amazing. A big no for Chloe sevigny JEnna Lyons seems to enjoy exposing herself lately. I don’t find it a chic look at all. I do not like Celine’s strange sleeve wrap thing . Rosie and aerin look stunning thank you for Posting these iMages! Love the last looks of summer!


  2. Oh! Kate is always great, C. Murphy is so natural, always adore her face and style. And of course, Gwen, so special, even better in casual looks with red lips than on the red carpet.

    Jana H.


  3. See paula’s comment about Chloe above. Ask MG what he thinks! xo


  4. So much to love this week. My faves are Carolyn, Hilary and Gwen. I’m with you on the celine boots.


  5. Jenna Lyons???
    Aerin Lauder–perfection.


  6. I like the celine boots but i think the hair and the outfit distract from it quite badly – a clash too far. i am sure those boots will come alive with another outfit :)


  7. Rose and kate get my nod…chloe looks like a keebler elf though ( and i often like what she wears and appreciate her think outside of the box attitude)

    hard to believe we will soon be looking at dark colors, long sleeves and heavy fabrics..almost time to say goodbye to summer!


  8. Carolyn Murphy always looks great And Jenna looks incredible in Balenciaga!


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