fall is right around the corner and i’m starting to feel it. last night we were in malibu and there was this chill in the evening air and i started thinking about cashmere, tweed, camel hair, turtle-necks, leather and scarves. it’s alway cool in the evening in malibu, but i think i’m starting to get in the mood for fall.

when i think about fall clothes, of course i think about ralph lauren– i think of ralph lauren at his best, not costumey- ivory, camel, herringbones, jodhpurs, fur, fairisles, charcoal pinstripes, riding jackets, chunky sweaters, ahhh i love it all and i’m getting ready for it.

soon as i got home last night i remembered the book ralph lauren: the man, the vision, the style, i knew it had all these great ralph lauren images and looks from when i was growing up that i love- timeless, classic and easy fall style. seriously, these images look like they could be from today- that’s when fashion is good!

get ready, it’s right around the corner- i’m getting that fall feeling!

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  1. Well done, Mark! Boy, do these photos bring back memories of a certain era. Everyone loved these photos. I especially love the photo of clothilde, the 9th one down. She was one of my favorite models of that period!

  2. Hi Mark,
    Just want to tell you hoW much I enjoy
    Your site…impeccable…
    I have compelled everyone I know of style
    To follow you..

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