one of my favorite designers, actually one of my favorite people, is L.A. designer Peter Dunham. i think i spend more time in his showroom hollywood at home than i  do in my own home. if you want the best fabrics, the most comfortable furniture, the coolest accessories, and if you just want to hang out with this nicest people, visit hollywood at home.

i first saw this project in beverly hills by peter several years ago in harpers bazaar. i was so happy to see it again in the newest issue of c magazine. i loved it then, i think i love it even more now. the home is owned by one of the juicy couture girls- pamela skaist-levy. read all about the project here.

if you are going to live in beverly hills this is how you should do it- beverly hills at home! enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely magnificent images which impresses me most. I like the design or color of chandelier and beautiful foyers. Thanks

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