last week i did a post on c.z. guest. the images and inspiration came from the book C.Z. Guest : American Style Icon, by susanna salk. who doesn’t love c.z.’s style, how she dressed, how she lived, and where she lived.

that brings us to templeton, c.z.’s famed estate on long island. this all-american house has become as much of an icon as c.z. herself. the green hallway with animal print carpet, the green marble library (probably a paint technique), the oxblood lacquered dining room- all i can say is chic!

what i love about all these images of templeton is that they really showcase c.z.’s passions- riding, gardening, entertaining and of course, her love of animals.

it’s starting to feel like fall, grab your riding boots and riding jackets, let’s go on a horse ride to c.z.’s temple- templeton! enjoy!

C.Z. riding at Templeton


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  1. Dear mark,
    Thank you very much for IntRoducing me to such an inspiring icon.
    Whilst browsibg today aT oka I came across to A book called “folly de grandeur” by Micky haslam. I Would be most grateFul to Read your Opinion On it if you are so kind.
    Many thanks as always

  2. Mark,

    As usual, you seem to get inside my head with your postings. And this, on the amazing CZ Guest, is no exception. Thank you for such interesting and thoughtful posts. You truly know the word elegance–and it’s inseparatable companion simplicity.

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