earlier in the week i mentioned my shopping adventure in san francisco for a recent installation. well, my first stop was hudson grace on sacramento street.  a little store with it all and all you need! the best white dinnerware and serving pieces, baskets, candles, books galore, cutting boards, pillows, cashmere throws, and much more.

hudson grace is opening another store next month at the new marin country mart. how about l.a. next? we need a hudson grace- nothing comes close to it around here. i mean really, don’t we all need a few more white platters, cake stands, wine glasses, linen napkins and placemats? of course we do!

monelle, one of the stores owners is a dear friend, she is so chic and the nicest lady you’ll ever meet. and i love the name of the store (named after the owners dogs- hudson and grace)- isn’t it perfect? a state of grace with all you need!

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  1. Dear mark, I still don t lose hope that there will be a book coming from you soon or/and a shop preferably in london please.
    Many thanks!
    London, England

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