so i just started noticing this really chic girl. it started with her bob haircut, then i kept noticing her in great white shirts, other times in classic white tees, a few times in white wide trousers. finally i figured out who she was and there she was- leandra medine, the man repeller!

i had heard of the man repeller blog but i never really followed it- now i’m a fan! how could i not be a fan someone who’s philosophy is, “good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens the trends we love, men hate, and that is fantastic.” she forgot gay men, however, let me tell you most gay men don’t have any taste either.

what i’m really fan of is her classic, yet cool style. i love any lady who loves a white shirt (and birks) as much as i do. also, notice all the hits of red, for some reason i keep seeing red! enjoy!

p.s. also i just realized leandra has a book that just came out, a memoir- man repeller: seeking love. finding overalls. yes, it’s cemented- i love her!


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  1. Leandra is super chic! I love her blog and the round-up you put together of her outfits. Everyone should have a go-to amazing white shirt!

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