i don’t know like six months or so ago i did a series on my favorite rooms- a countdown. everyone seemed to love it so i thought why not do a new series, this time a countdown of specific rooms.

seems like the best place to start with is foyers since it is the first room you enter into in most homes- so here goes a countdown of my favorite 25 foyers.

i realized some things myself by doing this, mostly things i already knew, like the fact that i love a patterned floor in an entry, chinoiserie wallpaper always does it for me, i love columns, big lanterns, bigger mirrors, a console is always nice, and in my book, or in this case my countdown, no foyer is complete unless there is some sort of blue and white porcelain (i’m sure that isn’t a surprise).

it also seems i like foyers by studio peregalli, michael s. smith, markham roberts, and atelier AM. each of these designers have 2 or more foyers on the list. also, several well-known fashion designers foyers are included too!

of course there has to be a favorite, that’s why there is a countdown- what foyer do you think will be number one?

25- Atelier AM

24- Studio Peregalli- Architectural Digest

23- Axel Vervoordt

22- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

21- Studio Peregalli

20- Bruce Budd- The World of Interiors

19- Oscar de la Renta

18- Parish Hadley

17- Studio Peregalli- The World of Interiors

16- Markham Roberts- House & Garden

15- Victoria Hagan

14- Jeffrey Bilhuber- Architectural Digest

13- David Netto- Veranda

12- Miles Redd- House Beautiful

11- Atelier AM- Veranda

10- Bunny Williams

9- James and Whitney Fairchild- House & Garden

8- Stephen Sills and James Huniford

7- Markham Roberts- House & Garden

6- Rose Uniacke

5- Renzo Mongiardino- Valentino’s Home

4- Bill Blass

3- Daniel Roumaldez- Tory Burch’s home- Vogue

2- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

1- Miles Redd- Elle Decor- Top of the List!


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  1. lovely! so looking forward to the other lists. brilliant to be inspired from different designers. thank you.

  2. I agree with James – your entrance with that gorgeous tripod table, black glossy front door and the blue and white umbrella holder – perfection!

  3. Hi mark… Love your blog! Most of your featured foYers have wonderful”bones” which Always helps! My Fave was Parish HaDley foyer but I was thrilled to see jeffery bilbuber’s contribution.. Just decided to paint my small-not very interesting foyer F &b dix blUe!

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