the first thing i saw yesterday when i was heading out to get my haircut in nyc was this super chic woman on a bike. she had on a navy blazer, white shirt, jeans and had a birkin dangling from her handle bars. i literally about attached her and asked her if i could take her picture- which is something i usually don’t do! she was so gracious and kind to say yes!

lately i’ve been obsessed with bikes, you probably remember my post a few weeks ago called “riding around?” all about the recent street fashion pics of late with everyone on bikes. chic women and men on blue citibike’s in nyc  and grey vélib’ bikes in paris.

well, after seeing the chic and gracious lady i want to buy a bike. have you heard about shinola bikes? i just read about them in vanity fair and i’m going to go down and see there store in tribeca today. they have the chicest bikes!

shinola is a detroit based company dedicated to producing american-made products including watches, bicycles, leather goods, journals, and yes bikes! and i just found out the owner of shinola, owns filson too- love filson bags! read all about shinola here.

guess what? shinola makes a filson bike! don’t be surprised to see me riding around nyc on one later today! enjoy!


Chic Woman i saw riding around NYC yesterday in a Navy Blazer, Jeans, White Shirt and a Birkin.


Shinola- The Women’s Bixby Bike


Shinola- The Bixby Bike


Shinola- The Runwell Bike


Shinola- The Custom Made Filson Bike


Shinola Boutique in Tribeca

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  1. Despite what is portrayed in the national media tHere is a tremendous amount of style and ingenuity in the DetrOit come see for Yourself!!

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