so a few weeks ago i started a new series- a countdown of my favorite rooms. started with a countdown of foyers, the natural next stop seemed to be living rooms. so here they are- my favorite living rooms!

for those of you that follow the blog regularly, not many surprises here. most of these living rooms i’ve featured many times before because i love them and i always go back to them for inspiration.

i did challenge myself to go back and look at great living rooms of the past, and to more recent living rooms of today, however, when it came down to it, i went back to the ones i love.

there are some commonalities as i reviewed. i love a neutral living room with eclectic seating and furnishings, blue and white sprinkled in is a must, looks like i’m drawn to tradition furnishings with modern art and accents, love a blue room, lots of books are important, i enjoy a bit of red, and most certainly every room must be beautiful!

call me boring or call me consistent, all i can say is these are my favorite living rooms- the ones i love! enjoy!

25- Deeda Blair’s Living Room- Daniel Romualdez- T Magazine

24- Frank Babb Randolph- Veranda

23- Daryl Carter- Elle Decor

22- Aerin Lauder’s Living Room- Jacques Grange- Elle Decor

21- Rose Tarlow

20- Albert Hadley- House Beautiful

19- Michael S. Smith- The World of Interiors

18- MIles Redd

17- Jeffrey Bilhuber- Architectural Digest

16- Michael S. Smith- House Beautiful

15- Victoria Hagan- Architectural Digest

14- Atelier AM- C Magazine

13- Mark Cunningham- Elle Decor

12- Ralph Lauren- Vogue

11- Jeffrey Bilhuber- Elle Decor

10- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

9- Bruce Budd- The World of Interiors

8- Daryl Carter- Elle Decor

7- Oscar de la Renta- Vogue

6- Michael S. Smith- Elle Decor

5- Miles Redd- Elle Decor

4- Atelier AM- Town & Country

3- Sils and Huniford

2- Bill Blass

My Favorite Living Room- Bunny Williams


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