my favorite store in L.A. is RTH. if you follow me on instagram you probably see a few images a week of the store. i stop in frequently to get inspired or to buy a gift, actually, mostly i buy for me!

the best leather bags, leather clutches, beads, chinos, white shirts, knit caps- the best packaging ever! you name it, it’s all great, and you can monogram about everything! it’s actually insane, so authentic, so cool- like i said, i want it all for me!

rene holguin, the owner, is a friend. i’ve known him for many years, way back in my retail days. the store is all him, his style and aesthetic permeates throughout. it’s all quite a treat!

now you can have more of rth- rth 2 just opened up a few doors down- art, objects, home accessories, notecards, and more beads, more leather, more to love!

every time i’m in the store, now stores, i am amazed and inspired- that’s the treat! check it out- treat yourself, buy a lot and enjoy!

another treat is RTH Shop’s Istagram– more to love!

RTH- T Magazine

Rene Holguin- Tommy Ton Photograph

Tommy Ton Photograph 



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