pied à terre please

about a month ago you might remember every blogger was posting about bunny mellon’s upper east side pied à terre that had once again gone on the market. i so badly wanted to feature the house also because i am obsessed with bunny mellon and her amazing style. i passed and now i know why!

when michael and i were in nyc a few weeks ago we went to visit our friends jamie creel and marco scarani at their store creel & gow. it just so happened that bunny’s home was literally next door. that was really cool of course i had to instagram this event. on the same day i got the new november issue of the world of interiors and guess what? bunny mellon’s pied à terre was featured.

besides the impressive white architecture and facade,  i love all the moldings, the treillage lattice work, the painted floors, the blue and white tiles and that cobalt blue dinning room is everything!

see sometimes good things come to those that wait! thank goodness i waited- i told michael all i want for christmas is a pied à terre please!

photographs by simon upton



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  1. so thrilled you posted this. i am loving this issue of WOI and really enjoying the photos of ms mellon’s pied a terre. is it me or is the wallpaper in the bathroom the same as that used by givenchy in his clos fiorentina? either way i love the pattern and would love to us it myself.

  2. What a treat to see these images of bunny Mellon’s pied a terre. Thank you for shAring. I always look forward to Your posts — YOU have The best taste and Amazing style!

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