i was browsing through pinterest the other day and i came across this beautiful picture of lauren santo domingo in a blue shirt and denim. i’m sure it’s not a surprise why i was drawn to it, lauren, blue shirt, denim, you know i love it all!

i knew i had seen this picture before, with more research it was a photograph by quentin de briey and was featured in spanish vogue (note- i look at spanish vogue monthly and hola weekly, i think i love it because spanish people are so beautiful, and i have to say that i’m actually starting to be able to read spanish).

i don’t know a lot about this photographer, but i love their website. seems they are based in paris and barcelona- all the photography is so pretty!

i’ve done a post on lauren’s place in paris before, interior design by francois catroux, fun to see more pictures of it- i don’t condone the cigarette but i love the denim, balenciaga, black leather, giambattista valli, and trench, and i absolutely love a home with a real phone that has multiple lines- useful and chic! enjoy!

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