I LOVE A CREST- Santa Maria Nouvella

santa maria nouvella came up three separate times yesterday, so i thought to myself i have to do a friday favorites post on it. actually, i’m surprised i haven’t already because i’ve been wearing their cologne for 20 years, so yes, i guess i have a scent, and i’ve been told i always smell good!

my cologne of choice is their scent pot pourri. i love the scent so much i have little terracotta pots in my office filled with their dried pot pourri, it comes in a chic little round metal container. and speaking of chic, i love their little navy silk pot pourri sachets. i have them in all the cars, some people mistake them for snacks, but actually i think they just help spread my signature scent.

i can’t believe the holiday are coming up, might want to add santa maria nouvella to your wish list or give as the perfect gift- spread my signature scent! and don’t you just love the crest?!


Pot Pourri Cologne- My scent for the last 20 years

Pot Pourri in a terracota jar

Pot Pourri navy blue sachet

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  1. I have been infatuated with Santa Maria NoUvella for years. I love their Body creams and soaps. I have never purchased their pot pourri though. I think i may have to Especially since i am having a holiday party and IT is nice when the house has a lovely new scent. I will be eager to see if any Tipsy guests think it is a snack!

  2. Dear mark,

    i just wanted to let you know how much i have enjoyed reading your blog. we share the same aesthetic for sure so i am always inspired by your posts! my pinterest board is full of so many beautiful things thanks to your blog! keep up the great posts.


    michael hampton

  3. Every day I look forward to seeing what wonderful things you are going to share with us! Today was a
    FavoRite as I too am smitten with Santa Marie NouvElla! And their Pot PouRrI scent! I even have put a
    little spray on a bottle and used it for room scent!!!
    Looove !!!!

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