this is probably going to seem like an unconventional thanksgiving post. it’s not about autumnal decor, or set dining tables, it’s not about food or about entertaining, it’s simply about a inspiring interior and space. for some reason this appeals to me, something about it makes for a prefect thanksgiving setting, or least it does for me.

lately as you know i’ve really been into black, ivory and gold. when i think of a space i think of what the people look like and what they would be wearing if there were in it, and vice versa. i like to envision the perfect setting, the ideal space, the clothing, every detail, every moment- right now for me i’m feeling for a glamorous setting for thanksgiving!

i can’t think  of a better place for a group of chic people all in black, ivory and gold, than coco chanel’s chic 31 rue cambon paris apartment– i mean who did black, ivory and gold better than coco chanel? and talk about black and ivory stripes- she built a brand on it! can’t you just see the french vogue editorial?!

on this special day today i can envision candles lit in this apartment. the light twinkling off the chandeliers and the coramandel screens. beautiful music playing, a fabulous formal dinner in the dining room with all the people i love and i’m grateful for- paris wouldn’t be such a bad place to spend the holiday. i don’t know about you, but it seems like a perfect place to give thanks!

happy thanksgiving to you and yours- so much to be happy about and thankful for, and may we carry this feeling and spirit with us not just today, but each and everyday.

p.s. thank you for allowing me to share something a bit unconventional on this very special day!

most photographs from ivan terestchenko in his new book beyond chic: great fashion designers at home. buy the book (here).

Thanksgiving 2013


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