this is going to seem like a very unconventional holiday gifting post, but there are a few things that happened this last week to inspire it… and, it was pretty sunny in L.A. yesterday so it might feel more like a warmer weather holiday than a traditional holiday.

first, the first holiday card i received this year was from a dear friend, i’m not going to mention her name because she likes being under the radar. well, it was red and white, however not with a bunch of snow or reindeer, but very graphic. lots of little read lines on a white backdrop that created this amazing frame for her darling children- the chicest card ever!

next, you know how much i love stripes, especially blue and white stripes. well, i was trying to figure out what i needed to update my wardrobe for the holidays so i went for a new red and white striped saint james boatneck (see here). i’m thinking it will look great under a grey flannel suit, or under a ivory fishermans sweater- all i need is to add a my down moncler jacket (see here) and a cashmere scarf and i’m thinking red and white stripes feel right!

lastly, and not so much of a big deal. i saw this great picture of kate moss on pinterest (note- kate is playboy’s 60th anniversary cover girl- i’m loving her more than usual right now) of course wearing red and white stripes and it just hit me- i’m really loving red and white stripes! not in the normal holiday way, but in a cool way! i hope you like them too! enjoy!

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Kate Moss

Elle Decor

Tods- Spring 2014

Grace Kelly


Red and White for her



Grace Kelly

Richard Shapiro- Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Miles Redd- Elle Decor



Red and White for him


Audrey Hepburn

Leandra Medine- The Man Repeller

Elle Decor

Francois Hardy

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