i few weeks ago it dawned on me- i love awnings! especially black and white ones, in fact, i don’t think i have ever seen a black and white awning i didn’t like…. and you all know how much i love stripes… so i guess it’s not a surprise that i’m loving and inspired by black and white striped awnings!

for some reason i’m always surrounded by them- we have them on all of our terraces at home and the home we visit in palm springs has not only awnings, but also black and white striped umbrellas and cushions everywhere. even our favorite places we lunch and have dinner have striped awnings- chateau marmont and the terrace at sunset tower in L.A.

black and white awnings are the inspiration for my new women’s delivery in the mds store (see here). more on that later, but for now i hope you enjoy- the awning life!


Mark D. Sikes- Lonny

Mary Mcdonald

Tory Burch- Vogue

The Chateau Marmont

Mark D. Sikes


Thomas o’brien- Elle Decor

House Beautiful

Ruthie Sommers- House Beautiful

Tory Burch- Vogue

Daryl Carter- Veranda

Ralph Lauren

The Chateau Marmont

The Awning Life



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  1. I love awnings and believe it or not was looking at putting one over my front porch. I am landscaping the front of my home as we speak and i have been looking at ideas for the front steps and came up with the striped black and white awning idea as I have a boring little boxy house and want to inject some panache. Thanks for this extra inspiration

    Lee :)

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