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Mark D. Sikes- Lonny

Mary Mcdonald

Tory Burch- Vogue

The Chateau Marmont

Mark D. Sikes


Thomas o’brien- Elle Decor

House Beautiful

Ruthie Sommers- House Beautiful

Tory Burch- Vogue

Daryl Carter- Veranda

Ralph Lauren

The Chateau Marmont

The Awning Life



“THE AWNING LIFE” - 4 Comments

  1. I love awnings and believe it or not was looking at putting one over my front porch. I am landscaping the front of my home as we speak and i have been looking at ideas for the front steps and came up with the striped black and white awning idea as I have a boring little boxy house and want to inject some panache. Thanks for this extra inspiration

    Lee :)


  2. classics
    all look great
    thanks for the share


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