NEW IN STORE- The MDS Resort Collection

yesterday i did a blog post called “the awning life.” black and white striped awnings have inspired the newest delivery in the MDS Store.

each month i’ll be curating a new collection in the MDS Store (see all of the new items for men here, and for women here, or visit the store by clicking on the blue store icon in the top right hand of the tool bar above) for both mens and womens. not to dissimilar from how a real store would introduce a new delivery. it will usually have a theme, a color story, hopefully a strong point of view, and will of course be filled with all the things i love and want to buy myself.

i strongly believe that fashion and decor are intertwined and that when showcased together they tell a beautiful story- this month’s story is “the awning life,” the life of black and white stripes! enjoy a small sampling of what’s new this month in the MDS Store, and the best news is most of it is on sale!



The MDS Womens Resort Collection- The Awning Life

The MDS Mens Resort Collection- The Awning Life

More of the MDS Womens Resort Collection- The Awning Life

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