i have a dear friend who is very, very talented. her name is hayley sarno and she is a brilliant artist. besides being talented and artistic, she is a great beauty with the softest voice and has out of this world style (she is known to always have a wicker nantucket purse on her wrist). to sum it up she is a modern lady and i adore her!

what i find so wonderful is all of this comes out in her art work and water colors. they are whimsical and fun, but also very chic, very feminine, yet very cool- a lovely and kind east coast girl who lives uptown, shops downtown and loves paris resonates.

she does artwork and logos for special projects, designs wall papers, she does fabulous stationary (you might have already seen a very special holiday card she did for me this year- a treasure), she has a new series called “animals on vacation” that you can purchase here, and then there is her blog, lulu depew– lulu is a little french poodle having fun, being pretty and living chic in NYC.

this is the season for giving and receiving gifts. i can’t think of a better gift than Hayley Sarno. she’s a special gift to me and i gift i get to share with you.

happy weekend!




Hamptons Show House- Patrick Mele’s Powder Room


Privet House- Greenwich, Connecticut



Animals on vacation






The Chic Lulu de Pew

Lulu at the flower market

Lunching at Fred’s

Lulu has a brand new winter coat!

Lulu is dreaming of sunday- love the Porthault sheets

Lulu spent the summer months poolside

Lulu loves Tom Ford bath oil



Cat Card

Notebook 1

Notebook 2

Mele XXXmas

Miss Dottie

HRH Lily- I especially love this one!


The beautiful and talented Haley Sarno at work


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  1. particularly love the lulu de pew!! never thought I would meet another girl with my name — much less a dog. very cute notecards. I will have to buy some.

    lulu pew on   /   Reply
  2. Just happened upon your blog today.
    I think your dog is adorable. i have a black female pug and her name is Petunia her brother is SIr Pickles, a mini DACHSHUND. I would be interested in Hayley creating an artwork of my dogs. Can you forward her contact info or vice VERSE?

    Best to you,

    1. hi brenda- happy new year! thank you for the note. here is hayley’s info- she is so dear and so talented!! i’ll also give her your info also. she creates treasures.

      …and thank you for happening upon the blog- cheers!


      mdsikes on   /   Reply
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