this is my third annual mark d. sikes international it list and i have to say this is by far my favorite blog post to do each year. why? because these are the people that i took notice of in 2013, they made an impression on me, left a mark, i believe many of them are making a difference (some of them are just pretty). they are actors, fashion designers, interior designers, models, directors, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, bloggers, photographers, and royals, and i don’t think any of them are predictable, what they are is “it”, or at least “it” to me! happy new year!

Elin Kling- Fashion Blogger and Journalist- because she loves classics, and because she loves black, navy, grey, and stripes.

Jon Bearman- Oscar PR girls husband- because he is really cute.

Daphne Javitch- Ten Undies designer- because not only is she a talented intimates designer, she is also one of the best dressed ladies around.

Alain Fabien Delon- Actor- Because he is going to give his father Alain Delon a run for his money.

Preston Davis- Blogger- Because her blog ‘Keep it Chic’ is my hands down favorite and because she keeps it chic.

Johannes Huebel- Model- Because he loves his girl friend Olivia Palermo so much they just got engaged (his looks aren’t bad either).

Caroline de Maigret- Model- because she is the grand-daughter of a prince, daughter of a count, a chanel muse, has her own music label and is always perfectly dressed.

Todd Snyder- designer- because he designs sweatshirts and sweatpants for champion that i live in.

Jourdan Dunn- Model- because she is destined to be a super model. move over naomi!

Alexander Gilkes- Co-founder of Paddle8- because at 33 he founded an on-line aution house that has set the art world on its ear.

Leandra Medine- Blogger- because she is the ‘Man Repeller.’

Rene Holguin- designer and store owner- because his store RTH in L.A. is my favorite store anywhere.

Nico Jackson- Stockbroker at Deutsch Bank in london- because he is Pippa Middleton’s fiancee and we are going to start seeing a lot of him for many years to come.

Rosie Assouline- Fashion Designer- Because she has only designed two collections thus far, and both of them were spectacular.

Spike Jonze- Director, Screenwriter and producer- because i love his movies and his style.

Luptito Nyong- actress- because she ignited the screen in ’12 years a slave’.

Prince George- Future King of England- because he is Princess Diana’s grandson.

The Moda Operandi girls- because you can pre-order and shop from trunk shows on-line and because they are giving barney’s, net-a-porter and bergdorf’s a run for their money.

Tom Scheerer- Interior designer- because his interiors are genius and because i have four copies of his new book.

Edith Windsor- Champion- Because her love of her partner, Thea Spyer, has paved the way for all of us to be this much closer to equal.


2013 Hall of Fame

Cate Blanchett- Actress- Well, just because she is Cate Blanchett, and it will most likely be her year for an Oscar.

Francois Halard- Photographer- Because he is probably one of the best photographers in the world and his new book is absolutely breathtaking.

Michael and Alexandra Miscyznski- Interior Designers- Because their interiors are beautiful, subtle, elegant and refined.

Michael Kors- Fashion Designer- Because he has taken the accessories world by storm and because his spring 2014 and pre-fall 2014 collections were the best collections of his career.

Kate Moss- Model and Style Icon- because at 40 she became playboy magazines 60th anniversary cover girl.


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  1. what a fabulous list here!! Some new ones that I thank you for intruding me too and that Tom Scheerer.. well he’s the bomb!

  2. Marvelous list! So glad you included Photographer Francois Halard! After All………It’s a lot about photography N’est-Ce Pas!

  3. Great list! Love that you covered the full spectrum of careers/Fame.
    Really enjoy tour blog too…it’s my go-to read first thing in the morning.
    Happy new year!

    Karima on   /   Reply
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