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Elin Kling- Fashion Blogger and Journalist- because she loves classics, and because she loves black, navy, grey, and stripes.

Jon Bearman- Oscar PR girls husband- because he is really cute.

Daphne Javitch- Ten Undies designer- because not only is she a talented intimates designer, she is also one of the best dressed ladies around.

Alain Fabien Delon- Actor- Because he is going to give his father Alain Delon a run for his money.

Preston Davis- Blogger- Because her blog ‘Keep it Chic’ is my hands down favorite and because she keeps it chic.

Johannes Huebel- Model- Because he loves his girl friend Olivia Palermo so much they just got engaged (his looks aren’t bad either).

Caroline de Maigret- Model- because she is the grand-daughter of a prince, daughter of a count, a chanel muse, has her own music label and is always perfectly dressed.

Todd Snyder- designer- because he designs sweatshirts and sweatpants for champion that i live in.

Jourdan Dunn- Model- because she is destined to be a super model. move over naomi!

Alexander Gilkes- Co-founder of Paddle8- because at 33 he founded an on-line aution house that has set the art world on its ear.

Leandra Medine- Blogger- because she is the ‘Man Repeller.’

Rene Holguin- designer and store owner- because his store RTH in L.A. is my favorite store anywhere.

Nico Jackson- Stockbroker at Deutsch Bank in london- because he is Pippa Middleton’s fiancee and we are going to start seeing a lot of him for many years to come.

Rosie Assouline- Fashion Designer- Because she has only designed two collections thus far, and both of them were spectacular.

Spike Jonze- Director, Screenwriter and producer- because i love his movies and his style.

Luptito Nyong- actress- because she ignited the screen in ’12 years a slave’.

Prince George- Future King of England- because he is Princess Diana’s grandson.

The Moda Operandi girls- because you can pre-order and shop from trunk shows on-line and because they are giving barney’s, net-a-porter and bergdorf’s a run for their money.

Tom Scheerer- Interior designer- because his interiors are genius and because i have four copies of his new book.

Edith Windsor- Champion- Because her love of her partner, Thea Spyer, has paved the way for all of us to be this much closer to equal.


2013 Hall of Fame

Cate Blanchett- Actress- Well, just because she is Cate Blanchett, and it will most likely be her year for an Oscar.

Francois Halard- Photographer- Because he is probably one of the best photographers in the world and his new book is absolutely breathtaking.

Michael and Alexandra Miscyznski- Interior Designers- Because their interiors are beautiful, subtle, elegant and refined.

Michael Kors- Fashion Designer- Because he has taken the accessories world by storm and because his spring 2014 and pre-fall 2014 collections were the best collections of his career.

Kate Moss- Model and Style Icon- because at 40 she became playboy magazines 60th anniversary cover girl.



  1. WOW! Thank you! I’m Honored to be included!


  2. Great list! Love that you covered the full spectrum of careers/Fame.
    Really enjoy tour blog too…it’s my go-to read first thing in the morning.
    Happy new year!


  3. Marvelous list! So glad you included Photographer Francois Halard! After All………It’s a lot about photography N’est-Ce Pas!


  4. I had fun reading this today


  5. what a fabulous list here!! Some new ones that I thank you for intruding me too and that Tom Scheerer.. well he’s the bomb!


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