there’s a theme to this weeks posts if you haven’t noticed- it’s time to refresh. it’s the new year- time to clean things up, enjoy a new beginning, rid the clutter, refresh not only your home, but also your wardrobe.

if you feel like i do it’s also a time to catch up on some rest. the holidays are always so crazy, i didn’t get to go away during the season- no beach, no slopes, no get-a-way. so i’m right now feeling the need for rest.

wouldn’t you love to catch up on some rest in this beautiful ranch in sonoma? the house was designed by walker- warner architects. i just finished another design project with them up north and their work is brilliant- clean, simple, organic, and comfortable.

the key is comfortable, doesn’t hurt that it’s very neutral, almost all white. love the simple and casual furnishings and textures. i don’t know about you- this place seems like a great place to rest! enjoy!

photographs by Matthew Millman, interiors by Tedrick & Bennett

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  1. I immediately recognized this house from the very first picture. this is my all-time favorite house! I think it originally appeared in Western Interiors (a favorite…no longer published) back in 2007. i referred back to this house and the details many times during my own remodel. How fortunate you are to work with such talented architects!

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