i can’t think of a better way to start the MDS sunday book club off in 2014 than with the book, l’esprit des lieux/ buy here. the book by christine vervitsioti-missoffe features several amazing homes in france.

what led me to this book was finding random pictures here and there of hubert de givenchy’s chateau in the french countryside. i’ve blogged about it before when i featured the book givenchy style/ buy here, but these new pictures just had be beyond excited and inspired.

all of givenchy’s homes are astounding. truly my favorite homes of all time- all of them. i love how he decorated this chateau. the rooms are expansive, his approach was simple, he simply created comfortable living and working spaces with ivory slipcovered furnitures, billy baldwin-esque slipper chairs, giacometti tables and fixtures. i absolutely love the large working table in the center of the salon, and all the lacquered etagere’s lining the walls with books. my favorite detail is givenchy’s monogram on the pillows scattered all around. he used this same monogram on his dining chairs at his home on the cote d’azur.

there really isn’t anything that excites me more than a beautiful well appointed home with timeless, classic, elegant furnishings and details. hubert de givenchy’s chateau has it all- i’m sure you can see why it is one of my favorite homes- not to mention that dining room with the stone floors, chinoiserie wallpaper, ivory linen drapes and planters lined with boxwood topiaries. it’s everything- enjoy!

see all the my favorite books that have been featured for sunday book club- available in the mds book store here.


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