there aren’t many certain’s in life, but one thing you can be certain on is that if there are new pictures or glimpses into stephen sills homes and world, i will most certainly feature them. well, new york social diary, just gave us another tour of stephen’s Bedford, Ny, home. photographs by jeff hirsch.

this might be like the fourth or fifth post i’ve done on this residence, maybe the sixth. every time i feature it i see something new, something that inspires. these photographs really zoom in on the details.

i’ve always been taken with and admired the amazing collection of furnishings- stephen understands the art of adjacencies and the art of the mix, but what i really noticed with these pictures is the architectural details. the moldings, the floors, the ceilings, the cabinetry, all of the amazing textures, surfaces, and finishes.

…. and then there are the expansive gardens- absolutely amazing! it’s been said before, worth saying again, it truly is the most wonderful house in america- i just can’t get enough!

if you love this, you will love stephen’s new book, stephen sills- decoration/ buy here.

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  1. completely stylish and always satisfying. i agree Mark, you can look at these rooms a hundred times and continue to find details, pairings, juxtapositions, and plays on scale that just leave you shaking your head and smiling at how brilliant it is. and that green room always does it for me.

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