with every new delivery to the MDS Store i try to find inspiration from an editorial and from interiors i love to help tell the story- here is the inspiration for the “first of spring” delivery in the MDS Store (see the whole collection here).

a few months ago american vogue featured at the very back of the magazine these beautiful images of hilary rhoda, photographed by boo george. soon as i saw this editorial i thought this would be the perfect inspiration for spring, however, i could never figure out why it was so down played and not a feature editorial? well, i was so happy to see if front and focal in a recent issue of australian vogue.

the editorial didn’t show much inside of a house, most of the shots were outside, but i do think it was shot at marina rust’s house in maine, not sure though. if i had to imagine what the interiors would look like i see it being decorated by great tom scheerer– don’t you? i see it being just like the home tom decorated that was just recently in house beautiful– i was inspired then, i still am!

think maine, think navy and white, think jackie kennedy and lee radziwill, think chunky transitional sweaters, punches of red, think jennifer connelly and marina rust- classic beauty’s wearing the best of spring in a home decorated by tom scheerer- i can’t think of a better way to start the first of spring, now we just need it to get here! happy shopping!


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  1. Mark, i’ve been a subscriber and reader for a while (Thanks preston) and never commented, but that last paragraph today evoked so perfectly a beautiful, rich image in my mind’s eye that i had to thank you! love your work.

  2. Beautuful! You are correct – That is the exterior of marina Rust’s home in Maine. You can see the interior in vogue living houses gardeNs people:-)
    Thank you mark!

  3. Mark-I also loved this layout with Hilary Rhoda-She is stunning in person… Was surprised it was relegated to the back of Vogue…although it seems they feature edgier more imaginative layouts in prime space…Am captivated by your visually beautiful blog..mary beth t.

  4. Yes, definitely Tom Scheerer. Are we going to see design trending towards more traditional colors & aesthetics?? Especially here in SC–hope so. As always, thank you.

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