yesterday i shared with you the inspiration for the newest women’s delivery in the mds store, i’m calling the collection “the first of spring”, see it here. inspired by a recent editorial in vogue, it’s all about a weekend get-away in maine, actually a trip to marina rust’s house in maine.

i speculated that the editorial was shot at marina’s beautiful home and i was right. confirmed today by marina herself. not only is her home in maine the inspiration for the collection so is her personal style. marina has always been a muse- she’s absolutely beautiful, so elegant and sophisticated, always dressed like a lady- a very, very chic lady!

if you are thinking about the “first of spring”, think marina rust, think navy, black, khaki, white and red, think of packing for a get-away, a get-away to maine- what will you need? first, several pieces from altuzarra’s spring 2014 collection, full skirts, wide leg pants, stripes galore, gold jewelry, a wide brim hat, saint laurent accessories, a string bikini, chunky sweaters, lots of flats, top it all off with a gaberdine trench.

i know it’s crazy cold still everywhere, however, there’s no reason we can’t start thinking about spring- SPRING IN MAINE.

shop the entire women’s “first of spring” collection in the MDS store here. there is also a new collection for men, shop here.



Gucci Sunhat/ buy here


Rochas Open-Back Stretch Top/ Buy here


Chloe Pinstripe Wide Leg Pant/ Buy Here


Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable M Bag / Buy here


Altuzarra Long- Sleeve Striped Blouse/ Buy here


Grace Lee Gold Signet Ring/ Buy here


Tibi Pleated Silk-Faille Skirt/ Buy here


Manolo Blahnik Soussa Point-Toe d’Orsay Flat/ Buy here


Saint Laurent Striped Cotton and Wool Blend Sweater/ Buy here




Nina Ricci Poplin Sundress/ Buy here


Sidney Garber Gold Tivoli Twin Bracelet/ Buy here


Saint Laurent Cashmere Sweater/ Buy here


Marni Leather Shoulder Bag/ Buy here


Current Elliot Boyfriend Cropped Mid-Rise Jean/ Buy here


Gucci Bikini/ Buy here


Saint Laurent Aviators/ Buy here


Miu Miu Cashmere and Silk Sweater/ Buy here


Altuzarra Striped Tie-Slit Fold-Over Skirt/ Buy here


K.Jacques Corvette Leather Sandals/ Buy here




Yohji Yamamota Striped Tee/ buy here


Saint Laurent Mini Clou Cuff/ Buy Here


Chloe Silk Pleated Short/ Buy Here


Prada Assymetric- Strap Flat Sandals/ Buy here


Altuzarra Stripe Dress/ Buy here


Balenciaga Tube Pochette/ Buy here


Saint Laurent Gabardine Trench/ Buy here


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  1. That spread from Vouge years ago With Marina, her Beautiful baby Girls, and Her Classic House in Maine is One of My all Time FavoriteS! xoxo

  2. Hi mark,

    My partner and i just bought a home last year in rockport and will be enjoying our first spring there this year, which cant come soon enough. perhaps you have a little maine ensemble you might suggest for me?

    Thanks for the continued inspiration.



    1. hi michael- i do! there is a whole men’s “first of spring” collection too. if you go the bright blue store button in top right and click on “new” then on “men” you will see it. happy shopping and congrats!! my best, MDS

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