ok- i was planning to do this post on pharrell williams last week believe it or not, prior to his dominance at the 2014 grammy’s. oh well, i’ve always thought he was great, he was on my 2011 international it list, i’ve even featured him as the lone guy on a few of my best dressed lists (i love the way he dresses, so cool, and most of the time better than any of the ladies around), and well, we all love his latest tune “happy”, it’s nominated for a 2014 oscar, i bet he’ll be adding an oscar to his 11 grammy awards.

some of you might ask who is pharrell? well, he’s 40, he’s a singer, song writer, producer, rapper, drummer, composer, architect, artist (he did an art installation at art basel), art collector, fashion designer, brand manager, program director, author, husband, father, one of my favorite men (actually, he has been for a long time), and i for one- loved his hat!

Mark D. Sikes Chic People Inspiration- Pharrell is in bottom left corner next to the LSD

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  1. Love Pharrell! “Happy” is our morning Song with the kids. It gets Us all dancing our way off for the Day. So fun and… Happy!! xo

  2. The first time i heard the “HAPPY” song i did not know its’ title…i just knew it made me want to get up and dAnce, and i was instantly in an Upbeat and energetic mood…And just so happy!!!
    God bless PHARRELL..he has given us all a beautiful gift.

  3. Hello Mark,
    thanks for this! congrats to pharrell for his nomination for the happy song. It just so happens I was one of the talents in the ’24hoursofhappy’ song video. it was an awesome experience to be a part of to say the least. the words of the song are beautiful and inspiring.

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