for those of you who know me really well, you know this is more than true. i pretty much live in grey sweats, grey cashmere crew-necks, cashmere skull caps, zip-up hoodies, navy blazers and birkenstocks. i always have my ray-ban aviators clipped on to my sweater and my RTH saddle brown leather tote in tow. if it’s nippy a navy peacoat and a grey ribbed cashmere scarf are added to the mix.

…. so when i saw the michael kors men’s fall 2014 show i pretty much gasped. it was me, all me…is it possible i could have inspired michael? of course not, but it’s seriously very close to home. i thought i was the only who would be silly enough to put on a navy blazer with a pair of grey cashmere sweats, birks and a skull cap- guess i’m not!

shop all my favorite cashmere, scarves, hats, blazers, coats, aviators and birkenstocks here.  i especially love by new club monaco navy cashmere blazer (buy here)  and grey cashmere sweatpants (buy here)- have to haves!!!

Michael Kors Men’s Fall 2014

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  1. Im a WoMan and this is pretty much my Uniform. I will be getting at least 2 of those hats and the sweats as well. If i love something i always get at least two. Just to be on the safe side.

  2. Sometimes, ı can’t understant “fashıon”. why slippers for wınter? :))

    Love everything you post mark…

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