my two favorite fall 2014 collections have been the row and michael kors. guess what? they were all about camel and grey! actually shades of camel and grey (there was a lot of black too… more of that later). beautiful, classic, and timeless sportswear at it’s best! i gasped, i sighed, i was inspired and delighted by both!

the only thing i think could have been better is if the collection would have been shown in a real space, i can’t think of a more perfect place than a home that’s clean, simple, elegant, and of course camel and grey. i’d pick stephen sills bedford, new york home or carlos aparicio’s nyc apartment.

i love when fashion and interiors intersect. camel and grey at home, on the runway- camel and grey everything!

The Row Fall 2014


Michael Kors Fall 2014

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