for those of you that follow the blog on a regular basis know sundays are usually all about my favorite books, i call is appropriately “MDS Sunday Book Club “, and i believe strongly in consistency… so it has to take something really great to interrupt my normally scheduled programming… well, this is it.. this is great!

my friend preston davis of “keep it chic” mentioned this 14,000 square foot, 7 bedroom house in tuxedo park a day or so ago on her blog. well, i immediately went to my favorite magazine stand and got my own copy of the new wsj.magazine in this weekend’s wall street journal (btw- kristina o’neill and creative director magnus berger are killing it with each issue of wsj mag)…. the whole issue is great!

we all know what 1st dibs is, so we know that michael and his partner alexander jakowec can get their hands on the most amazing things. what i found refreshing was the simplicity and restraint. neutral walls, ebonized floors, and spaces filled with well edited things, actually, the home is simply filled with things michael loves and has collected over the years- maybe that’s another reason why everything about the house is so great (note how the chandelier in the study is hung off center in the corner of the room- also, great!)- enjoy!

all photographs by francois halard

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  1. Well it stands to reason why 1stDibs is so wonderful!!
    I am so impressed with those rich dark floors that there would be pups running around.. amazing!

  2. The Regency and early 19th c. pieces are the best of the best. This is true perfection and restraint. I, personally, would need a little space to be messy. Great post. Thank you.

  3. Oh mark, thEse images are worth changing your schedule for! I saw the dining room on kic as well, and died for it. Thank you for posting these others as i can’t get wsj magazine here.

  4. The people above said it all–classical, restrained, elegant. I just love the round kitchen table–what a good idea not to have sharp edges to bump into! Thank you for posting.

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