the newest delivery in the mds store is all about neutrals- neutrals just in time for march! the perfect palette cleanser as we move from winter into spring.

i think it’s what every lady wants (and guys too… see the new mens collection here). easy, timeless, a little sexy, and of course everything neutral- blouses, trousers and dresses mixed with sandals, totes, and lots of gold jewelry. all inspired by a recent editorial in wsj. magazine, photos by josh olins.

i always like to throw in an inspirational locale or interior- a place where the collection can live and breath, the perfect place to inspire the clothes and vice versa. i can’t think of a better place than calvin klein’s miami home, photographed by the great bruce weber.

i don’t know about you, and i think i’m right, we are all ready to join the neutral march! happy shopping!

see the entire womens MDS store march collection here and the mens here.








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