a few years ago i saw a blog post by amanda cutter brooks (see it here) on a trip she took trasierra, a privately owned hotel in spain. i fell in love at first site, especially with all the blue and white… i haven’t been to traisierra yet, but i’m dying to go!

the post i did on blue and white portuguese tiles a few days ago, reminded me again that i must visit trasierra very soon, it’s just north of seville, not too far from portugal…. a historic 16th century house that stands in an aromatic garden, surrounded by three thousand acres of olive and orange groves. read more about tresierra here, and if any of you get there before i do please let me know how it is.

their motto is “nothing flashy,” i think it should be, “blue and white chic!” looking forward to a trip to trasierra sometime soon! aren’t you?

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  1. mark –
    this is perfection!! i’m grabbing my white caftan and straw wide-brim and coming along!!

    hope you are swell!


  2. I was there in October with several friends…..our food was wonderful! But honestly, it might be time for some improvements to the guest rooms and baths.

    1. So sorry mia. in fact for the first time we closed for 6 months last november and have been updating some of the rooms… but we are a bit old fashioned, it´s true. i hope you will return, i enjoyed meeting you. charlotte

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