i’ve been waiting for just the right time to feature this favorite book, flowers/ buy here, by the beautiful and elegant carolyne roehm. i woke up this morning looked outside at the sunshine and i thought to myself this is a good day for it. i have a feeling spring is going to be breaking and flowers blooming very soon everywhere!

i love all the color and all the beauty in this book. carolyne knows her flowers and she knows how to tell their story. she also knows how to arrange all the flowers. i especially love when she puts them in vases of blue and white.

i love what spring brings, especially, all the flowers! enjoy!






Lily of the Valley








Flowers by Carolyne Rohem/ buy here

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  1. I love Carolyne Roehm.. It seems like no matter what she turns her hand to it is always beautiful. i promised myself that the books i got for christmas would have to hold me for a while but i will be getting this right away. thank you Mark.

  2. This was the perfect selection for today. gives one hope that Spring will really be here soon. I have a little shop in Newport, RI. I use a flickr page to show my inventory. Cheers, Stella.

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