all i can say is enchanting. that’s all i can say to describe Furlow gatewood’s world. his eleven acre compound in Americus, Georgia, that has five homes on it is absolutely enchanting.

a few of the houses have been featured in veranda over the years. the main house was featured back in 2011, and the “peacock house” has just been featured in the most recent issue. the best news, is the whole compound is going to be showcased in furlow’s new book with rizzoli called One Man’s Folly: the exceptional houses of Furlow Gatewood/ pre-order here. this is going to be the book of the spring season, i can’t wait to attend furlow’s nyc book signing in a few weeks.

furlow is 94, a self taught antique expert, he has been john rosselli’s, one of my design icons, associate and antique buying partner for over 40 years. it was the great bunny williams, a close friend of furlow’s and john’s wife, who prodded gatewood into doing the book. when you have three amazing talents all converging together you know it’s going to more than good, it’s going to be enchanting!

enjoy a peek into furlow’s folly. of course i love all the blue and white, the white floors, the whimsical architecture, those potted hydrangeas are everything, and it wouldn’t be a “Peacock House” without a few peacocks…..the best news is there is much more to come!

photographs by max kim-bee

Veranda- May- June 2011- Max Kim-Bee Photographs




Veranda- April 2014- Max Kim-Bee Photographs


One Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood/ Pre-order here

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  1. Can’t wait for this book. I am going to a book-signing at Rosselli next month! So excited. (And it’s hard to remember to say the right company… rosselli or rizolli!)

  2. “Enchanting” and then some! Love the marvelous blue snowballs-in-pots linning the Country road! The eclectic art work and mirrors/clocks on the walls really adds to the beauty of the interiors. Wonderful to see fabulous rooms made more stunning with art!

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