ok- it looks like we are really heading into spring. nothing transitions seasons like denim, and from the looks of things the best way to do it is in patchwork denim.

i’m not sure, but i think emmanuelle alt single handedly set the movement in her belted isabel marant patchwork denim jacket’s. i love how she wears denim and i love how she wears the same thing over and over- that takes a lot of confidence, that’s chic!

i’m in love with ten undies designer, daphne javitch, her patchwork camo denim dress is everything, and the beautiful leila yavari, she knows how to wear a patchwork denim shirt, so chic worn with leather pants.

it’s coming, it’s almost here- wishing you a patchwork spring!



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  1. Hey mark – I enjoy all your pinterest posts! Can you tell me the DesIgner of the swing/kimono style jacket shown in several of your pHoTos – thanks!

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