i can’t help but think that dries van noten’s home in belgium, recently photographed by francois halard for vogue, inspired his spring 2014 collection. all the flowers, the gardens, the romantic setting, the elegant and refined interiors just had to to be the inspiration for the collection- don’t you think?!

right now it’s dries’ moment…. in my opinion, it always has been. in addition to the recent vogue editorial, dries is currently having an exhibition called “dries van noten: inspirations,” at the musée des arts décoratifs in paris/ see a video on the exhibition here, basically an exhibition on what inspires his creativity (i think i might know what it is- his house in Belgium). then you have his new book that is accompanying the exhibit, simply called dries van noten/ pre-order here, coming out the first of may.

i don’t know about you , but if you ask me, i think all the creativity has to be inspired by dries garden in Belgium- enjoy!

fashion photographs from style.com



Dries Van Noten/ pre-order here

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  1. I am a new suBscriber, and i cannot put into words How joyful it is to view your blogs each day! Today is a perfect example! WHat fun it wAs to explore dries home and compare it to his new collection! Thank you for bringing beauty, fun, and class into my daily life! Blessings

  2. I completely agree with you! it would be hard not to be inspired by all the beauty that surrounds him inside and outside. what a perfect pavillion. it brings to mind madame de pompadour’s hermitage designed by ange jacques gabriel. i love the comparitive images of his home and the collection.

    Thank you,


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