about eight or so years ago michael and i bought a small weekend house in healdsburg, california, in sonoma. the house was like a cottage, it had an amazing yard and pool, we wanted to make something special of it. a great source of inspiration was bunny williams book, point of view/ buy here….one of my favorite books of all time.

we wanted the house to feel light and airy, comfortable and relaxed- seagrass, linen, teak, batik’s, wicker, and lacquer became our simple formula, with asian, chinoiserie and bamboo antiques, and of course lots of blue and white mixed in. bunny’s classic, elegant and thoughtful work inspired and still does… i keep coming back to this book, these interiors, this sensibility time and time again, i guess because it’s not only timeless, also because it’s pretty!

thank you bunny once again for your ‘point of view.’


Bunny Williams: Point of View/ Buy here

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  1. These rooms are the ones I go back to when I need a calming beautiful spirit. Purity and balance of all elements. Thank you for reminding me to go back to my cherished volume.

  2. A cottage how lovely. I would have lOved a cottage instead we bought a vineyard on HWy 21 whete Chalk Hill forks. Six years into it and im still struggling with thr remodeling. I spend mosT if my time in Dallas our primary residence and naples florida.
    Im headed to healdsburg on Wednesday. If youre theRe would love your onput. I enjoy your blog and Style.

    Marie Cooney

  3. I totally agree Mark one of my all time favorite books, ONE OF THE FEW I GO BACK TO OVER AND OVER (ITS TATTERED PAGES ARE PROOF OF HOW OFTEN) AND EVERY TIME i open it it is like i am seeing it for the first time….page after page of classic interiors, total inspiration and sheer beauty.
    i am with you it is also one of my if not the most favorite books ever. lucky you, sonoma…love that region!

  4. Timeless is an oFt used word in our superconnected, oversaTurated worLd, but these images perfectly describe what tImelEss means In design and for living.

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