I love indoor outdoor living and there is no place better for it than in The Dominican Republic (I’m realizing everyone now calls it the DR). When you have the most perfect weather all year long, like 85 degrees, who wouldn’t want to live outside?!

Bunny Williams, who has a home in Punta Cana called La Colina, has just created the most fabulous indoor outdoor rug collection for dash and albert, see the whole collection here. Bunny really understands living and if you are going to be living outside you must have all the lifestyle elements to make it comfortable and chic. of course you’ll need pillows and throws, therefore, she designed a collection for pine cone hill, see the collection here.

i love that bunny had all her rugs and her pillows photographed at La Colina, i also love that she named the rugs after all her dogs…

i’ve been fortunate this week to see the la colina lifestyle first hand, and let me tell you the first thing i’m gonna do soon as i get back home is layer up my outdoor spaces like bunny- with all her new outdoor rugs, batik pillows and throws you can too. trust me, your not living until your living like Bunny Williams!

for more on Bunny’s rugs see a blog post by marisa marcantonio on her style beat blog here. she just did an update to her blog, you must see it- it’s fabulous! enjoy!


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  1. I just discovered this blog yesterday and am delighted! It has quickly become my favorite interior design blog (and I follow some pretty fab ones!) Thank you, Mark, and keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Wonderful posting mark. Bunny williams is an all time favorite. The pictures convey casual luxury at its best.
    Love the dogs!!! hrhlily should have come with you.

  3. Love seeing flat weavings being used in tropical environments. For me it complements stone & tile comfort, softness, and texture.

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