i asked marina rust if she would pick some of her favorite things for you- she said yes and the best part is you can buy them all here.

she loves the row and rosie assoulin and so do i. i love that she added in a lots of amazing beauty products…i think you will love them too. maja du brul is her favorite jewelry, explore here. she collects english silver and glass from hadley antiques on lexington ave. and who doesn’t like chocolate? her favorites are de marie-antoinette chocolates, orange blossom are the best…she also loves assorted pistoles (chocolate discs) from debauve and gallais.

a dress by the row, some lipstick, a pair of pretty earrings, an aerin compact, and of course a few chocolates- marina’s mds picks. i say yes- don’t you? enjoy!





Marina’s MDS picks

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