you ever have those days when the same person keeps popping up everywhere? well, today it was all about sofia coppola.

first off, on my flight this morning i was reading the new w magazine, sofia coppola edited a special edition portion of the magazine and it was great! then i saw on two of my favorite blogs that today happened to be sofia coppola’s birthday- happy birthday sofia! then i was reading on-line about the opening of the 2104 cannes film festival, sofia happens to be on this years jury, and she happened to walk the red carpet in a beautiful valentino LBD.

today has been all about sofia….so it’s official, today i am proclaiming it to be “sofia day!”

black and white photographs by steven meisel for vogue italia.

1- sofia-coppola-760x1254 2- sofia-coppola-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-february-2014-9 3- 53737f947f887f930e010ea8_cannes-best-dressed-day-1-ss03 4- sofia-coppola-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-february-2014 5- Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.27.18 PM 6- sofia-coppola-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-february-2014-4 6.5 Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.39.51 PM 7- sofia-coppola-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-february-2014-2 8- 051414_Cannes_Film_Festival_Red_Carpet_slide_06 9- sofia-coppola-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-february-2014-7

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  1. Ah, Sophia is such a classic and talented young woman., so full of style!

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