today i got an email from someone very familiar with william and babe paley’s former home, lightbourne house, in lyford cay. this is just one of the reasons i love doing a blog, you meet and connect with the most fascinating and interesting people….

for one i learned that the paley family sold their home about 6 years ago to another family, the chef that served under the paley’s still works at the house, and it was also mentioned that all the furnishings were sold with the house except the master bedroom furniture…

lastly, it was brought to my attention that annie leibovitz photographed jon hamm and january jones from mad men for a recent vanity fair at the paley’s former lyford home. now these pictures really show a lot of detail of the house and the property- i love the room with animal print carpet, shutters, palms and bamboo furniture, so chic!

yesterday’s post was called lyford babe for obvious reasons….some people think jon hamm is a babe, i really don’t, but here it is for those that do, another lyford babe! enjoy!

1- mad-men-0909-03 2- mad-men-0909-05 3- mad-men-0909-04 4- mad-men-0909-02 5- mad-men-0909-06 6- mad-men-0909-01

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  1. I don’t think Jon Hamm is anything at all, and I’m a woman. But I do think Matt Bomar is fabulous and will be a super star one day, which has nothing at all to do with this post, does it? So happy to see the Paley home.
    What a life!

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