this time of year, every year, men’s fashion is in the spot light thanks to pitti uomo and the spring season men’s collections, currently taking place in milan. pitti uomo is the men’s wear industries trade fair that takes place in florence, italy.

the event pretty much sets the trends to come in men’s fashion. i’m sure there are a lot of great things set up in all the booths at the event, but i’m pretty certain it’s the fashion in the streets that are really setting the trends.

from the looks of things it’s all about a double breasted cotton jacket with a pocket square worn with a slim trousers, topped off with sunglasses, a fedora, a tote and some monk straps… my favorite look, mark my word the trend that will stick, is a crew neck t-shirt with a blazer.

i love how dressed up everyone get’s, they all look so dapper. pitti uomo- a pack of dapper dudes!


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  1. Dear Mark, I am a big fan!!! greetings from Brasil.
    I was very happy to see your beautiful house in the july veranda, alongside Charlotte Moss. Cudos!!!!

  2. Pretty amazing! TheRe’s notHing like a Properly dressed gentleman. My father was always well Turned out but not precious about it.

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