this past monday i did a story about my favorite houses in the hamptons– it’s summer, the hampton’s are top of mind.

i included anna wintour’s, vogue’s editor in chief’s long island house. i was very quickly told her home was not in the hamptons from a subscriber, that it was far from it- oops! one thing is certain if you ever make a mistake or write something that isn’t exact on a blog, someone will surely let you know….

i removed the house from the feature and thought it was so good  that i’d dedicate a whole story to it…i don’t actually know exactly where it is on long island, but it looks like a wonderful place to spend the summer- don’t you think?

actually, i’ve featured the house before with pictures that were in the world of interiors a few years ago, the story was appropriately called ‘vogue living.’ just recently i found some new pictures of the house on the interior designers website, carrier and company.

i love carrier and company’s design work, i love this house, who cares if it’s not in the hamptons- it’s vogue living! enjoy!

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  1. As i grew up spending at least one month each summer in this house it was interesting to see the changes.My grandfather was the owner who did major renovations.Construction/reconstruction went on for at about two years as I remember.

    ann hodgkins on   /   Reply
  2. I love following the evolution of Wintour’s retreat in the Hamptons and immediately recognized the yellow drawing room in one of its earlier incarnations … and was lucky enough to locate the World of Interiors issue it was featured in, in 2006. Jeffrey bilhuber assisted with the decoration at that time; in fact, he hand-stenciled the rush matting in that yellow room himself. I love design sleuthing, don’t you?!

  3. carrier & Co. does wonderful work very country Home. MARK YOU SHOULD SHOW PICTURES OF THE GARDEN IT IS THE BEST HOUSE !!! beautiful . ( aNNA HAD TAKEN MY gARDEN lADY FROM BELLPORT ).

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