today we celebrate america and all that it means. whether you are in nantucket or miami, dallas or chicago, seattle or here in L.A., i hope you are having fun and celebrating this special day with friends and family.

i’ve done a couple of features this week on claiborne swanson frank. as you know she is a brilliant photographer and there is no one who exudes all-american style more than she. seemed fitting to post some of her instagram photos on july 4th.

there are surfboards, fedora’s and beer bottles, there’s sand, beaches, docks, boats, umbrella’s, bikini’s and pools, as well as, red trucks, stripes, gas stations, chambray shirts, and american flags. there are even belgian loafers– one of my favorite things! nothing says america more than these things and isn’t is all so beautiful (i wish i knew what filter she uses)?!

here’s to a happy 4th and america the beautiful- wishing all of you stars, stripes and love, and hopefully some fireworks! enjoy!

all photographs by claiborne swanson frank via instagram

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  1. Really gorgeous photos. There are many beautiful things we missed. We do not see this beauty because of a busy life. America is waiting for us to discover it. I really like photos, thank you.

  2. Mark these images all mean America to me, even the BELGIAN loafers, for America is part of the entire EARTH’S’ glory!

    The Arts by Karena

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