the fall 2014 couture collections have been taking place in paris this week and from the look of things it’s a black and white ball.

stripes, full-skirts, sunglasses and chic headscarfs at giambattista valli….floor-sweeping coats, trousers, flowers, and ball gowns at dior….wrap dresses, appliqué’s, capes and the chicest gladiators ever at valentino…and all of it is in black and white!

couture is all about luxury, detail and beauty, and this season it’s looking like a black and white ball!

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Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 Couture

1- VAL_0050.450x675 2-VAL_0380.450x675 3- VAL_0206.450x675 4- VAL_0858.450x675 5- VAL_0319.450x675 6- VAL_0745.450x675

Dior Fall 2014 Couture

1- 21_KIM_6013.450x675 2- 01_KIM_5436.450x675 3- 19_KIM_5970.450x675 4- 05_KIM_5567.450x675 5- KIM_6622.450x675 6- 04_KIM_5536.450x675

Valentino Fall 2014 Couture1- VAL_0303.450x675 2- VAL_0119.450x675 3- VAL_0501.450x675 4- VAL_0374.450x675 5- VAL_0035.450x675 6- VAL_0028.450x675 7- VAL_0453.450x675 8- VAL_0535.450x675 9- VAL_0077.450x675 10- VAL_0063.450x675 11- VAL_0320.450x675 12- VAL_0966.450x675

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  1. I love this style –it’s so “My Fair Lady”! great runway picks btw :)

    x Lily

  2. beautiful design, very chic, classic, and current. glad to see i am right on target for my next store display: black and white!
    thank you mark for the daily dose of inspiration.

  3. Adore black and white Mark, always have. I would love to choose SEVERAL for my wardrobe, very feminine profiles!

    The Arts by Karena

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