the new house beautiful small spaces issue is fabulous! the cover alone had me at hello, of course it did, it’s peter dunham’s apartment and it’s photographed by my friend amy neunsinger.

i love peter dunham’s work , his fabrics, his store here in L.A., hollywood at home, and i love this apartment (fyi- it’s only 550 square feet). the color, the textiles and the prints are so fresh and refreshing.

peter is an innovator, i think he has helped define the new california style and look- it’s eclectic, collected, nothing perfectly matches, but it all goes together perfectly, it’s casual, comfortable, and relaxed, it’s just so cool!

this might be what house beautiful is calling the “small space issue,” but i call it “big!” it’s full of cool ideas, fresh ideas, and big ideas for any kind of space, especially peter’s place, and who says size matter- small is big!


1- 12-hbx-danish-rocker-chair-0814-de-lgn 2- 06-hbx-1960s-danish-credenza-0814-de-lgn 2.5-01-hbx-custom-vintage-ottoman-0814-de-lgn 3- 03-hbx-pillow-fitted-window-seat-0814-de-lgn 4- 07-hbx-heath-ceramics-dishes-0814-de-lgn 5- 05-hbx-ross-bleckner-watercolor-0814-de-lgn 6- 09-hbx-bukhara-peter-dunham-0814-de-lgn 7- 10-hbx-indigo-bukhara-pattern-0814-de-lgn 8- 13-hbx-peter-dunham-apartment-0814-de-lgn

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  1. The small house issue is always my favorite. I’d take small, well thought-out spaces over large rooms any day. And peter dunham makes it perfect.

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