to be honest, i don’t even know where the michael kors men’s collection is  sold, i don’t own one piece, however, season after season i love the looks he sends out at his men’s collection previews.

how could i not love michael kors men’s spring 2015 collection– lots of stripes, cool denim, chunky sweaters, saddle brown accessories, toggle coats, birks….navy, grey, ivory with hits of red and cobalt…what can i say? it’s not revolutionary, but i do love it- it’s me next spring!

also, michael’s men’s collections are always a signal to what he will be showing for women’s in the season to come…. so from the looks of things i’m going to love the michael kors women’s spring 2015 collection- navy and stripes are coming! enjoy!

1- 1404940022763_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-4 2- 1404940022768_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-7 3- 1404940022776_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-11 4- 1404940022780_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-14 5- 1404940022766_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-6 6- 1404940022771_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-8 7- 1404940022772_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-9 8- 1404940022799_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-16 9- 1404940022774_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-10 10- 1404940022777_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-12 11- 1404940022800_michael-kors-spring-summer-2015-17

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  1. Mark how do you feel about a slightly cropped pant length ? I don’t think I could my husband to wear it

  2. Kors is simply genius in bringing the CLASSICS in with a fresh eye, and you are so right, Mark, I can only imagine the new women’s collection for Spring, as I know I will love it!

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