i’ve been in nyc the last few days working on a few special projects and having some meetings. the best part of the trip was getting to go out to Connecticut for a night over the weekend to visit my dear friends bunny williams and john rosselli’s at their falls village home.

it’s not just any home, it’s the home that bunny has been having an affair with, you know the one with an entire book written about it (an affair with a house/ buy here), the one with the most spectacular grounds and gardens…. it’s the house we have all fallin’ in love with!

i did a whole series of blog posts on this home a few years ago, but being there and experiencing everything about it was beyond wonderful. bunny and john have created something so special. i was so taken with how green and lush it all was….it really was just beyond!

there really are no words that can describe the beauty, the grace, the restraint, the reverence, the thoughtfulness….. therefore, i’m going to let the photographs i took tell the story- the story of the main house, the sunken garden, the barn that was once a garage, the parterre garden, the woodland garden, the pool and pool house…..the story of an affair! enjoy!

……might i add, one of the best parts of the trip was getting to know and spend time with audrey margarite, we all had such a wonderful time!

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photographs by mark d. sikes

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  1. Mark,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time and I have the impression that you are a lovely man…you have a wonderful, quiet appreciation for life’s most important treasures: people, animals and nature. I like it that you enjoy color and fabulous taste as well. thank you sincerely,
    Lynn (a connecticut girl)

  2. Wow, this spot, and these gardens, are simply stunning! thanks for the peek :)

    x Lily

  3. i used to live in the same town and would find myself going out of my way to drive by. thank you for revisiting again for us!

  4. Absolute perfection! I loved reading the book and seeing that BW has the same lamps on her desk as i do on my secretary!

  5. Is the guesthouse where Alan Campbell lived the same as it was and how many people does Bunny have working on the garden. It looks as though she has created quite a few parterres since I visited the garden with my garden club seVeral years ago. Does she have help with the design and who is helping her?

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