many years ago when i worked in retail i’d be in nyc every few months working at the design offices. in the summertime i would try to tack on a weekend here and there and go out to fire island with a friend who rented a house with a group.

i was always so fascinated by the process and the journey- the ferry, no cars, the group of characters in one house, the pull along wagons for groceries, the happy hours, the run punch…. it was like a whole other world….it kinda felt like you were in the 70’s, you could just feel halston and calvin klein’s presence.

i remember many times just walking around and looking at the very cool and clean architecture. it seemed like all the houses had cedar facades, large glass windows, wood decks, endless pools…..everything was so minimal, modern and cool….it seemed like were in another world a million miles away.

when i got the new august issue of the world of interiors i was taken with a home that is featured in the pines, which is a part of fire island. the home is original horace gifford architecture, brought back to life and renovated by carlos otero and laurence isaacson. just looking at the pictures and reading the editorial by miles redd brought back memories.

i would never consider myself a minimalist, nor would most people think of miles redd in that way, but i do appreciate good design and simplicity…for some reason i really love this summer haven, it think it’s because it brings back a few summer memories and idea of being in another world far away.

photographs by ricardo labougle

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  1. for many years I own a house on ocean walk , pines.
    we would go out year round. mark you are so right. it was being in another world far away.

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